Ok guys Isadora here and OH MY GOD THERE’S SOME SPECIAL FEATURES THING I didn’t really look at what it is yet but the Creator told me to tell you guys that it exists. So like it has some music and an early version of the game an Artbook and OH MY GOD THERE ARE PICTURES OF ME IN IT I LOOK DISGUSTING no no no no no ok DON’T BUY THIS I LOOK GROSS It’s on page 26 wait I DIDN’T MEAN TO TELL YOU THAT SKIP PAGE 26 OK?!?!?!?!! But the rest of it is kind of cool I guess. There’s a lot of Hope in it for some reason and like screenshots of discord and WHAT WHY ARE ASPEN’S LEGS SO BIG HAHAHAHAHAAHA they are going to HATE this ok oh there’s a playable prototype? OH MY GOD WAIT THAT MEANS THIS IS A DEMO OF A DEMO THATS SO COOL do they do demo stuff for the demo????? I mean theye would have to right? But maybe they don’t know they’re a demo of a demo. Do they think they’re the full game? THAT WOULD BE SO WEIRD OMG ok anyway OH YEAH RIGHT DON’T BUY THIS I LOOK UGLY IN IT.


Hello. We are releasing “MetaWare High School (Demo) Special Features”. It is a collection of behind the scenes content for MetaWare High School (Demo), offering a glimpse into the development of the game. This content will be available to you if you purchase the game for $9.99 or more.


  • An artbook (45 pages) with extensive developer commentary, unreleased/in-progress art, and more.
  • A collection of unused music.
  • A playable unfinished early prototype of the game. (~10 minutes playtime)
  • A warm thank you from Not Fun Games.

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