the creator smashed some bugs

hey guys hope here the creator is letting me write this as long as i tell u what they fixed

so like according to this list here uh they like fixed a few crashes and made us spell better
and made skipping more obvious if u wanted to do that

also the creator gave nari invisibility powers
o wait I read that wrong now she doesnt have invisibility powers
apparently she was disappearing 4 no reason? lmao wow thats just like her

uh it also says here that the game is running kinda slow 4 some ppl and skipping and doing weird music things theyre gonna try and make that better
aw man i wish I could hear the music that sounds cool is it like glitchwave or smthn

btw i have a twitter did u know follow me for sweet content babbbbbyyyyyy yeahhhhhhhhhh
follow me at @metamochigurl uhhhh heres the link

k bye


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Apr 03, 2020

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