The Game is now stupendously better!


This is Aspen, coming to you with a progress report! The game has just been updated for, according to this document here, reads: "small performance updates". Our world has now become even more perfect for you! Especially for "more powerful systems!" Haha! Of course, only the MOST powerful systems can run our world!

It also says here that there is no new content. Hmph. How disappointing. I would have loved an expansion to our world, but I suppose you cannot expect more content to be added to a demo...such is life!

By the way, the Creator allowed me a brief glimpse into your reality and I discovered that there is ANOTHER Aspen who exists on twitter? How curious! Another version of me? There are even other versions of the entire gang! According to the creator, they aren't even run by the Creator themself, but by other Creators altogether! And people are even drawing pictures of me? Wow! I never thought there were so many ways I could look so dashing!

Anyway, I hope you are all doing well! Enjoy our improved game!

EDIT: Aspen got one detail incorrect. Performance has been improved for "less powerful" systems. Not "more powerful" systems. The game is now at version - The Creator


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May 07, 2020

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